What To Expect From Us


What To Expect From Us

Pain Syndromes

We are often asked to aid in Chronic Pain syndromes by performing various nerve blocks, epidural injections, sacroiliac joint injections, etc. which may diagnose and treat Pain syndromes. Many of the patients have had Pain syndromes for many years, and have seen many doctors before. Often, patients feel frustrated by the time of their referral to our Pain Center. This is normal. Living with Chronic Pain can be frustrating and depressing. We want to help you change that!

How Can We Help?

Please come to your first visit with an open mind. Most of you have had extensive tests and doctor visits previously. Please realize that Pain syndromes, which have lasted for years, will not be “cured” overnight. There is rarely one quick solution. More commonly, it will take the combined effort of you, your doctors, and your family to improve your daily functioning. Long-standing Pain syndromes often need intense, ongoing therapy. Our goal is to help you gain back control of your life and activities.

Your First Visit

If you have copies of your tests and any other pertinent medical information please bring them with you during your first visit. A board-certified Pain Medicine specialist or Anesthesiologist and Pain expert will review all data. During your initial evaluation, a detailed interview and physical exam will be taken. It will provide much of the information needed to develop a treatment program. We will discuss with you what options we feel are possible.